It’s a pleasure for me that you clicked on “About” page and wants to know about this blog. Well, 246.CO was born in March 2014 and started for sharing unique and valuable information about blogging tips and tricks.

Here at 246.CO , we focus and blog on blogging tips, computer tips, SEO tactics, free resources, affiliate marketing guides, earn online and every aspect related to blogging.

However, you can learn many things about blogging through the simple and easy posts/videos. Also, we are working hard to improve site performance and trying our best to deliver useful solutions for better blogging with readers.

Here we only share information which is tested by us first, because we don’t want to provide any wrong information to our readers. We just want to create this platform user and readers friendly than any other.

We are a team consist of couples of guys who have good skills and knowledge about wordpress, SEO, blogging and computer tricks. So, you can ask any question related to these topics.